Winemaking process

All the grapes processed at Bodegas Exopto come from vineyards with bush-trained vines. The grape harvest is carried out by hand and placed in 15 kg boxes.

All our wines are vinified in concrete tanks or wooden vats. What we are particularly looking in from these materials is their porous nature that favours the oxygenation of wine in order to stabilise the colour, avoid problems of reduction, and round off the wines.

Apart from the thickness of their walls, these tanks have very good thermal inertia that allows the grapes to be kept cool at the start of fermentation and afterwards for the temperature to be raised gradually to 28ºC for the best maceration.

After the fermentation phase, we use these tanks for ageing fruitier Garnachas and Tempranillos that will go into the blend of our Bozeto wine.


Ageing in barrel plays a very significant part in the creation of our wines. For Horizonte and Exopto, the wine goes into barrels as soon as alcoholic fermentation has finished and undergoes malolactic fermentation in contact with the oak. Ageing on the lees is carried out during the first 6 months in order to increase volume and richness.

We use French oak barrels exclusively. In the same way as we blend different grape varieties, we also use a combination of various types of barrel: fine-grained to favour the wine’s oxygenation, and medium-grained to preserve the fruit. The varying degrees of toast also provide complexity: Burgundy supplies minerality and structure on the palate, whereas long and low intensity toasts conserve the fruit and the wine’s balance.